Multiple Millions Later…

by Max on June 13, 2011

14 months ago I embarked on my Internet Journey when I started this blog and the Internet marketing course with Alex Jeffreys.

14 months and multiple millions later…

Wouldn’t that have been a success story worth writing about! I wish.

What happened?

Did I make my fortune?

Did I bomb out completely?

Would you like to know?

The fact that I am back on my blog is proof, I guess, that I am still at it. As a matter of fact, and let me put it on the record here and now, I am here to stay and will reach the top. Perhaps, because I simply don’t know how to give up.

So, let me come clean. I did not make multiple millions. I didn’t even make one million. I earned what in the great scheme of things can be called a few pennies.

Yes, I made my first dollar online, even a few hundred dollars. But nowhere near what I had envisaged, planned or hoped for. That is still to come.

Would you call this failure?

I call it a steep learning curve.

In the ten months since the end of the coaching course with Alex Jeffreys, I learned a lot about the nuts and bolts of Internet marketing, in particular affiliate marketing. I put up multiple sites and know how to fill them with content. I learned a lot about On Page SEO and Off Page SEO, enough to get a few sites to the top of page 1 of Google in fairly competitive niches.

The most important lesson in affiliate marketing that I learned, however, was that you absolutely have to get your niche and keyword research spot on, and that it is simply not worth going for low commission rates. Now what does that say about building Amazon review sites? :-)

You see where I had made my mistakes?

Another lesson: keep a firm grip on your time, plan your day and stick to it. Like so many of us, I am a master of the tangent. Do you know how easy it is to get stuck in a discussion about a miniscule point on how to construct your link and anchor text? Five hours later, I was back where I had started and left things as they were, much the wiser, mentally exhausted and having just lost … five hours.

Economists have a saying about throwing good money after bad and that you shouldn’t do it. Time, indeed, is money. Having just spent five hours on nothing and a few days getting there, I couldn’t just give up on the site, so I spent a few more days polishing it, crossing i’s and dotting t’s (yes, this is what you do when you become obsessive). Ten days later… Time flies like crazy.

Finally, about two weeks ago, I had yet another site ready to roll having avoided many of my earlier mistakes. I started implementing traffic generation measures… and then I blew a fuse. Actually, I blew a whole circuit board and then half a power plant with it. Nothing worked the way it was supposed to do! (Ahem, my exclamation mark tells me that the embers are still smouldering.)

I took a deep breath, a creative breath. I realised what I had done. Don’t do it if you can avoid it. I’ll tell you the details in one of my next blog posts.

Here is the short of it: I had fallen in love and given it up. Bad move. Epic fail, as my daughter is wont to say. Whatever.

During Alex Jeffreys course, I had listened to his webinar with Maria Andros, the Video Queen. Who wouldn’t fall in love with Maria? Actually, it was more the ‘Video’ bit than the ‘Queen’ that had turned me on. I threw myself into video, and then stopped again. Sure, I kept creating a few videos on and off, but I abandoned my video project in favour of going the affiliate marketing route.

Now, I’m back and freshly in love again. This time, it’s the Video Boss. Yes, you guessed right, it is again more the ‘Video’ bit than the ‘Boss’ that had turned me on again. His stuff is simply awesome. Click here and check it out while it’s still available, and, as I advised you in my last blog post, download the freebies. They are superb and packed to the rafters and beyond with information.

So, here I am, wiser and even more… let’s say, cheesed off with the push button gurus, ready to roll out Phase 2 of my Internet marketing journey. It will be different. This time, it will rock.

Next stop, my video ebook.

Enough about myself.

How did you fare in the last year? Did you realise your dreams? Are you closer to reaching your goals? I’d love to read your comments here. And if you have any questions about video, I’ll do what I can to give you a mini-boss answer without the Big Boss price tag; in fact, without any price tag.

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