Content curation – is it a passing fad, a marketing hype, or what?

We read and hear so much about it these days. Some claim to have discovered the Holy Grail, or the end of SEO, or, well, the usual stuff, you know.

Actually, content curation is as old as mankind, and it will not go away anytime soon. Any collection of short stories or poems, songs or recipes is curated content.

So how can we use curated content for marketing online? Wouldn’t it fall under the no-no of ‘duplicated’ content?

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So, after this:
Pivotal Moments - Siena


and this:
Live Changing Events


…what about Internet Marketing?
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WP SuperMax Review

Ignore this at the risk of your WordPress sites’ safety.


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How secure are your WP sites? Are they bullet proof or can they easily be hacked, hijacked, destroyed, infected with viruses, misappropriated, redirected, and whatever else malicious minds can think of?

Yet there is nothing to worry about. A couple of days ago, I bought WP SuperMax, a complete guide to making your WP sites bullet proof. It opened my eyes to the dangers that lurk out there and at the same time showed me exactly what to do and why, how and where to do it so that I never have to worry again.

All you have to do to secure your WP sites is take a few simple steps to check whether anything has already been done to them. Then lock them down safely with free plugins provided you know what you’re doing.

WP SuperMax shows you exactly that.

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WP SuperMax


“Youtube Hijack” is a video marketing course I’ve been waiting for. Here is my review.

Click here to get “Youtube Hijack” now.

Before I delve into the content of the course, a word about the title. “Youtube Hijack” is just a fancy name for three highly effective, totally above board and perfectly legal video marketing methods. It does not require any actual hijacking, kidnapping or other unlawful activity.

What is “Youtube Hijack”?
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Online Video 2012 – Trends & Predictions

by Max on January 16, 2012

Here is the report:

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Publishing Software from YUDU

Here is your download link:
Onlive Video 2012 – Trends & Predictions (click to download)

Click here to download the report with full private label rights.

Why not tell us what you think of the report? Leave a comment.


How To Be An iPhone Video Hero

by Max on December 9, 2011

Do you own a video smartphone? Perhaps an iPhone 4 or 4s, an iPod Touch 4 or an iPad 2? Do you know how to get the best out of your video camera in your pocket? Would you like to be an iPhone video hero?

Update 2015:
It now includes updates for the latest versions of iPhone, iPods and iPad.

Video on a smartphone is an amazing tool not just for Internet marketers. You can capture anything of interest on the fly or plan a project, then edit and package it for maximum impact for your business, hobby, club, project, family event or just for fun.

Last week I came across a new program, checked it out, bought it and absolutely love it.

Here is my review:

Click here for the link I mentioned in the video. It’s a very cool program. In fact, I bought it as a present for my daughter. She loves her iPod Touch 4 and has already made a video for a school project. It’s time she learned how to do get the best out of her HD video camera. Video is the future. You can’t get started with it too early.

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Have the Search Engines Gone Mad?

by Max on October 30, 2011

A couple of days ago, I needed a rapid answer to a very urgent question:

“What species is a hare?”

I ‘m sure you, too, are dying to find out.

I know I was. So I googled it and was frankly bowled over by the answer.

I was bowled over because it made no sense whatsoever, and that in all three search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Why on earth did these search colossuses send me to recipes, consulting chemists or some obscure electronics manufacturer out in the wilds of Hertfordshire when they promised to guide me to a Wiki page that was supposed to contain a fast answer to a simple question?

Mysterious? Worrying? Have the search engines gone mad?
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QR Code

September 8, 2011

Do you have a QR code for your website? I never thought about getting one until yesterday when the tree surgeon arrived to check out the tree that threatens to lift the house. When he parked his car in my drive I couldn’t believe it! A PR savvy tree care company displaying their QR Code […]

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The Foundations of Internet Marketing Success

August 28, 2011

In his The Foundations of Internet Marketing Success, Matt Olson sets himself the task to explain these foundations on a mere 28 pages. This is a tall order. It gets even taller with Matt’s bold claim that “The formula for IM success has its foundation in “doing and thinking in a certain way”. The following […]

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