How To Be An iPhone Video Hero

Do you own a video smartphone? Perhaps an iPhone 4 or 4s, an iPod Touch 4 or an iPad 2? Do you know how to get the best out of your video camera in your pocket? Would you like to be an iPhone video hero?

Update 2015:
It now includes updates for the latest versions of iPhone, iPods and iPad.

Video on a smartphone is an amazing tool not just for Internet marketers. You can capture anything of interest on the fly or plan a project, then edit and package it for maximum impact for your business, hobby, club, project, family event or just for fun.

Last week I came across a new program, checked it out, bought it and absolutely love it.

Here is my review:

Click here for the link I mentioned in the video. It’s a very cool program. In fact, I bought it as a present for my daughter. She loves her iPod Touch 4 and has already made a video for a school project. It’s time she learned how to do get the best out of her HD video camera. Video is the future. You can’t get started with it too early.

5 thoughts on “How To Be An iPhone Video Hero

  1. iphones can help share amazing videos. They can also greatly help in marketing your product with greater effectiveness. Looking forward to more informative posts on mobile marketing.

  2. Great video Max! iPhone really can produce quality videos. Thanks for sharing… Happy Holidays!

  3. I use the ipad as my entertainment centre for when I am on the move. The ipad’s large screen allows me to watch movies and surf the net withough having to squint and wreck my eyes. I can also view photos, listen to music, use apps and play games on the ipad. I do have some business apps on my ipad and will sometimes do some work on the ipad, but only when I have not got my work laptop handy.

    Unfortunately, I could not survive with eirther an iphone OR an ipad and have to have both of them. However, the iphone/ipad combination is spot on and you are unlikley to need much else when on the move.

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