“Youtube Hijack” – Is It Legal? Review of Sarah Staar’s “Youtube Hijack”

“Youtube Hijack” is a video marketing course I’ve been waiting for. Here is my review.

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Before I delve into the content of the course, a word about the title. “Youtube Hijack” is just a fancy name for three highly effective, totally above board and perfectly legal video marketing methods. It does not require any actual hijacking, kidnapping or other unlawful activity.

What is “Youtube Hijack”?

“Youtube Hijack” teaches three distinct video marketing strategies. They all focus on Youtube.

It also makes three big claims that it teaches:

  • How to generate massive income without even uploading a single video!
  • Which videos sell,


  • How to use the SEO Video Hijack method to secure top rankings and to make your videos stick.

In this review, I’ll investigate these three claims.

Module 1 of “Youtube Hijack”

Module 1 of “Youtube Hijack” revisits a previous release of her own “Youtube Loophole” but with a vengeance:

She updates her “Youtube Loophole” and demonstrates how she makes it work today with features that were not available at its previous release.

It is an advanced video marketing method presented in 6 videos with 48 minutes of solid instruction through live examples how to generate income without creating and uploading a single video. In particular, she homes in on the five steps that define this online video marketing technique:

  • How to take advantage of advanced features offered by Youtube
  • Which mistakes to avoid when setting up your Youtube videos
  • How to evaluate opportunities step by step
  • How to target the right audience for your purpose
  • How to make your affiliate links enticing so that viewers want to click

Does she meet her claim for the first video marketing method? Yes, she does, and nothing is left out.

“Youtube Hijack” Module 2


In Module 2 her promise is to show us “Videos That Sell”

This module is brief and to the point.

The introductory video sets out the concept she homes in on here. She explains which videos work best.

This is born out by her experience in creating these videos. The examples she provides are actual videos. This means that unlike other course her videos are not produced for the course. Rather, they live examples of four types of videos, her own “working” videos she used to generate affiliate sales.

These videos show very clearly the structure and sequence that makes viewers curious and almost leaves them no choice but to click and check out the offer.

As in Module 1, she meets her challenge. She shows us which videos sell and why they sell.

Module 3 – “SEO Video Hijack”

< Her challenge for this module is to show how to use the "SEO Video Hijack" method to secure top rankings and to make these videos stick. This means making your videos rank high in Google’s natural search results.

This module teaches 10 key steps, tools and strategies to achieve this goal. Her overarching strategy is:

1. How to use videos to rank at the top of Google

This is based on:
2. How to do market research to eliminate keywords not worth pursuing
3. How to avoid a “Youtube slap”, that is to say, how to create videos and channels that will not be banned by Youtube.

The next strategy is obviously a video marketing necessity: She show us
4. What are the essential elements our videos must have if we want to use them successfully for marketing.

Once videos are created, the next step shows
5. How to get our videos to rank in Google.

Very importantly, she makes clear a fundamental distinction:
6. Which features will help our videos rank in Youtube but not in Google.

As all this cannot be achieved without tools, she clarifies:
7. Which free and paid services help promote our videos.

However, there are major pitfalls that must be avoided. In particular:
8. Why we can use these tools for ranking in Youtube but must never use them for ranking in Google.

Of course, some safety measures have to be in place. She shows
9. How to stop our competitors from hijacking comments on our videos

Finally, if you want to market in multiple niches you need not only videos but also different Youtube channels. She also shows:
10. How to set up multiple Youtube accounts

These completes Module 3.

In summary, does the course live up to its initial promise?

That is, does it show us how to:

  • Create income without video without uploading any videos?
  • Create videos that sell?
  • Hijack top Google rankings with video?

The short answer is: Yes, it does! Her three video marketing strategies in “Youtube Hijack” are invaluable for anyone who wants to use video marketing as a major business strategy.

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Youtube Hijack

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  1. Hey Max,

    I’m always keeping an eye out for good You Tube training. Video definitely keeps getting bigger and bigger so anything that makes it easier is a big plus. This hijacker course sounds like it might just fit the bill.

  2. cheers mate, I will check out this hijack course.videos are great when my eyes are too tired to read but i need to digest some info

  3. This is awesome. I see that you are very interested in spreading the news about online video and youtube to us. I will check out this hijack course.

  4. This look like it could help someone make the most out of youtube. Video is the future of marketing and advertising and this is a great way to further exploit this. Youtube hijack gets my vote.

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