PageOne Curator – Content Curation Made Easy… True or False?

Content curation – is it a passing fad, a marketing hype, or what?

We read and hear so much about it these days. Some claim to have discovered the Holy Grail, or the end of SEO, or, well, the usual stuff, you know.

Actually, content curation is as old as mankind, and it will not go away anytime soon. Any collection of short stories or poems, songs or recipes is curated content.

So how can we use curated content for marketing online? Wouldn’t it fall under the no-no of ‘duplicated’ content?

Not if it is done correctly. That is, you have to show which part of your content has been taken from another site, and you have to quote the source and link to it. You must add your own content by introducing the curated section and preferably also wrapping it up at the end. You should also add other, relevant content with different media such as images and videos, and again with some introduction or comment.

This can be quite a tall order and very time consuming. I did the time consuming bit a couple of years or so back when I put up my first Amazon review sites. I wished then that I could have speeded up and automated the creation of this content.

Enter PageOne Curator. A desktop application that streamlines your curation process and makes it seriously fast.

Here is what PageOne Curator will help you with:
(If you don’t want to read to the end, click here for a video summary.)

  • Track all your postsPageOne Curator - Keyword Research
  • Keep track of all your preferred content sources
  • Discover long tail keywords for your title and content
  • Find content for your blog post or article
  • Insert content in your post and link to source
  • Find correctly licensed images
  • Insert images and their attribution in the post
  • Search Youtube for relevant videos based on popularity criteria
  • Add relevant Tweets in their correct format to the article
  • Publish to your review site

PageOne Curator - Choose an imageAll this is done from the user interface of PageOne Curator without opening any of your sites.

Check out the demo video here, it will show you exactly what you can expect.

Finally, is it worth it?

Good question. How much is your time worth? And how much curated content do you wish to publish?

If, like me a couple of years ago, you want to create a number of sites quickly with lots of relevant content, it will save you weeks of routine work. It may even encourage you to create more sites or more content because it takes the drudgery out of what is largely routine work. And more relevant content will keep Panda, Penguin and all their current and future friends happy.  🙂

Go and have a look at PageOne Curator now!

One thought on “PageOne Curator – Content Curation Made Easy… True or False?

  1. Hey Max,
    I think content curation is great. As long as in the end you provide your audience with something of value. If you’re simply regurgitating what someone else is regurgitating (sorry for the visual!) there’s a 50/50 chance they’ll go to them. If there are 100s regurgitating the same thing, well now your chances are less. So IMO, it’s more effective if you tailor it for your audience.

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