Internet Marketing

Have the Search Engines Gone Mad?

A couple of days ago, I needed a rapid answer to a very urgent question: “What species is a hare?” I ‘m sure you, too, are dying to find out. I know I was. So I googled it and was frankly bowled over by the answer. I was bowled over […]

QR Code

Do you have a QR code for your website? I never thought about getting one until yesterday when the tree surgeon arrived to check out the tree that threatens to lift the house. When he parked his car in my drive I couldn’t believe it! A PR savvy tree care […]

Success!! … And Failure

I’ve been very busy trying to make the best of the Christmas season in the “real” world but still online. I’ll show you the tools, methods & resources I used, what worked & what didn’t work.

My Day In The Boardroom

You can take simple steps to avoid information overload and the danger of spreading yourself too wide in your Internet marketing business. Here is what I do when I’m overwhelmed by information, ideas, projects, opportunities.

My Internet Marketing Journey – Stage 1

How much traffic arrived at this site during the seven weeks since I started it? What did I do to generate this traffic, and what kind of result did this produce? 7 weeks ago, this blog was brand new without any traffic. Today, subscriber numbers are growing. Here is what I did to make this happen.

Oil Rig Hopping – Oil Rig What?

I just got back from Oil Rig Hopping. Oil rig hopping is phrase coined by Alex Jeffreys for visiting blogs and forums and contributing to the discussion. Today, I visited a number of blogs and commented on one forum. What did I get out of it? Loads.

How To Rank No. 1

Would you like to know how to rank no.1 in the search engines? I’ll let you into the secret: Yesterday, my blog hit the very top of Google and Yahoo against millions of competing pages. Here is how I did it.

Why I Have A Coach

How do you feel about “the absolute latest, hottest must-have products”? My hard drive is groaning under the load of the latest“shiny new things.” They all are ebooks, webinars, shorter and longer courses, PLR products and what have you, that would “make you rich overnight by simply pressing a button.” So why am I not rich? That is why I have a coach now. You want to know who and why and how I found him? I’ll tell you.

London Lunch

Max Alter interviews Martin Avis, founder of the London Lunch, the premier, regular networking event for Internet marketers in London and beyond.

Back To Square One & Forward To Basics

After all manner of starts that lead nowhere, I’ve really had it now. So, last week was “Back to Square One” week, starting over week. I am taking my Internet business back to the starting point. In the words of the man, “forward to basics.”