The Secret Of Video Marketing – The Basics

Did you watch my last video, “The 4 Keys To Success”? If you didn’t, you definitely missed a handful of tricks.

Before I show you the tricks you missed, here is, in a nutshell, what I did:

I recorded “The 4 Keys To Success” in five parts, primarily to avoid having to re-record the entire video when (not if) I made a mistake. With five videos on my hands, I decided rather than uploading the complete version to Youtube, to upload it in five instalments.

Next, I published my blog post with the complete video on the 11th of July. After that, I started posting the five instalments via Tubemogul one per day. I did not do any promotion of the instalments. I simply did all the posting stuff correctly.

Did you get all the tricks? I’ll spell them out in a moment, but first, here is what happened:

Yes, within one week of launching and without any promotion, my video is in position no. 3 on page 1 of Google for the exact search term (competition: 144,000 web pages), already at the top of page 2 (competition: 3.17 million web pages) for the broad search term, and all five videos are on page 1 of Youtube for the broad search term.

Here is the recipe:

  • Split your video into convenient, self contained chunks.
  • Don’t forget to add your introduction and call to action to every chunk.
  • Publish the complete video on your blog first.
  • Next, use Tubemogul to upload your video to a number of video sharing sites all at once.
  • Upload one part per day.
  • Follow the video marketing rules: Filename (= keyword), Title (= keyword), Description: clickable link first (= keyword) then enter your keywords in the description.
  • You’re done. Sit back and enjoy.

There you have my bag of tricks. In particular, I did not promote a single video of the series anywhere. Yes, I emailed my list and told them about the complete video on my blog, and I left links to my blog post in forums and on other blogs. But I did not do anything further for the 5 part series.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention. With all the video uploads, I am growing my list faster than ever before even though I don’t have a list attached to these videos. Cool? Very cool!

Any questions, comments? Fire away, I’d love to hear from you.

16 thoughts on “The Secret Of Video Marketing – The Basics

  1. Hi Max!

    It’s been a while and I’m going back to visit some of the blogs I visited last Summer.

    Video has become even more necessaryover the past year and I have still not embraced it, shame on me! I answered your question, signed up for you list and look forward to conquering this “block” to my business.

    I’ve been busy growing my business and building new niche sites. I still have a way to go with my business but I’m keeping at it!

    I hope all is well with you!

    1. Hi Lesley,

      Good to see you back here. 🙂

      You’re just in time. My new ebook on creating videos is just about ready. Great that you signed up to my list. You’ll be among the first to be notified when it’s available.

      Best of luck with your continued enterprise


  2. Hi Max,

    I’m just getting ready to create my first video, out of necessity. I have absolutely NO idea how to begin.

    I see that it works well for you and there’s no denying that it’s becoming more popular.

    Thanks for the post,


    1. Hi Lesley,

      My apologies for replying so late to your comment. I got swept away by the summer holiday wave :-).

      No problem if you don’t know where to start. Simply go to
      and while you’re there, do me a favour and answer the question. This will take you to a link to an ebook with free video creating resources and another link to my ebook on “How To Create Your Own Profit Pulling Video – For Free” (that is, the ebook is free and the method shows you how to create videos using the free resources).

      Best of luck and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.


  3. Way to show video marketing who’s boss!! 😀

    Mega congradulation on your new rankings that’s really something to be proud of

    I know where to go to learn about video marketing now 😉

    Lol totally agree with Peter, future JV maybe?!

    Well, who know all i know is your future is mega bright keep up the awesome work!

    Ashawndra Michelle

    1. Thanks, Ashawndra.

      I’ll post an update on my video survey soon(ish). It’s August….

      And I’ll keep you posted on how the video course is coming along.

      Talk soon.


  4. Hi Max,

    As Sally said, “VIDEO KING” is born. You are all over you tube, congrats.
    Do i sense a product in the making. Future JV here.


    1. You sense right, Pete. 🙂

      Sure, once it’s up and running, we’ll talk.
      Meanwhile, I wholeheartedly recommend Toy Story 3 in 3D – saw it this week with my daughter.

      Back to work next week…


  5. Hey Max

    Congrats, the videos you do are fab and I am glad they are doing so well for you and ranking so highly.

    I just KNEW you were going to be successful with video, you really have grabbed the bull by the horns.

    The new video marketing king!

    Speak soon, Sally 🙂

    1. Thanks, Sally.

      I’m looking forward to reading your next 90-day plan – that is bound to contain a few nuggets 🙂


  6. Hey Max,

    Good work. This should pay off for you real soon, I hope.

    If you’re doing that many videos, you should be getting pretty good at it by now. Who knows what’s coming out of the Boardroom next.!

    Keep it up, Max.


  7. Max:

    Congratulation on the rankings for your video.

    Thanks for sharing your recipe. I had not really thought about making sure I post the video to my site first before submitting it to TubeMogul.

    How many visitors are coming to your site from YouTube?

    – Rick

    1. Thanks, Rick.

      Youtube has actually paled into relative insignificance because with Tubemogule I post on 6 video sites, plus several times on Twitter. Twitter is automated: every new blog post gets tweeted, so does every uploaded video. Sites with most views are Metacafe, Dailymotion, MySpace, plus plus plus…

      I haven’t even gone into Social Bookmarking sites yet… 🙁


    1. I agree, Roland.

      It’s all cumulative effort. If it goes in the right direction, it’ll pay off eventually.


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