Success!! … And Failure

I’ve been very busy trying to make the best of the Christmas season in the “real” world but still online. I’ll show you the tools, methods & resources I used, what worked & what didn’t work.

Google Global – How You Can See What Others See

Google Global is an indispensible tool for any Internet marketer. Google Global is an add-on for both Firefox and Chrome that makes it dead easy to check how different geographical locations see your search terms, so you can be sure whether your campaigns actually hit their targets or not.

The Secret Of Video Marketing – The Basics

What is the secret of video marketing success? The goal in video marketing is to rank high on Youtube and Google. How do you achieve this? In my blog post, I show you what I did and how I achieved top ranking for my video, “The 4 Keys To Success.” I’ve broken it down into 6 simple steps. Just copy the recipe and enjoy.

“The 4 Keys To Success”

“The Four Keys To Success” will help with any project that requires a plan, whether it is commercial, artistic, or anything else. They are the fundamental principles of any successful ‘enterprise.’